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The cloud-native data warehouse built for AWS

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Snowflake is a data warehouse application built upon AWS. The platform is designed  ground-up for the cloud. By effectively splitting storage and computing, we are able to maximize performance on large and complex projects. All of this comes with minimal interaction for database management.

Seamless scaleability.

We consolidate and integrate all business data in a central, queryable repository. By launching processing clusters on demand, we are able to keep control of cost, performance scale. On top of that, Snowflake comes with a common SQL interface to query the data, regardless of the format.

Industrial strength data security and compliance.

Data is encrypted at rest and unreadable, stored and processed redundantly in AWS datacenters

Snowflake & work with data professionals who truly understand Cloud.

The dataOps team can help you out maximising efficiency of the cloud. We are a 100% data analytics company with a devops mindset and a focus on solving real problems.

Through our active partnership with Snowflake, we have access to a global network of proven practices & expertise.

We can help you do capacity assessments, acquire licenses and execute projects on top of Snowflake.

Discuss your cloud analytics case with us.

Ready to give Snowflake a try? Do a proof-of-concept with us!

We’re available for proof-of-concept and value proposal analysis for Snowflake datawarehouses. We have an efficient approach to prove value with Snowflake on AWS in a limited turnover time. Contact us for more info.